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Schools opening back up under 'strict' health guidelines according to the Education Minister.

Updated: Jun 24, 2020


🇹🇭 The Education Minister has pledged to prioritise learning in the classroom even as he moves to add online lessons. The Education Minister said all students can return to schools under strict health guidelines but both online and on-air classes would still be emphasised as a backup plan. He said learning through digital equipment is crucial in the post Covid-19 period, and the pandemic crisis has allowed schools to focus more on distance learning using digital equipment.

Honestly, my kids can't wait to get back to physical classes and meet their friends. Also, as a parent I'm very glad that I get to see their faces more often, but I do not appreciate the extra amount of time they have to spend online. So yes, it would be nice for schools and universities to open back up (as long as the 'strict' health guidelines are applied and in action.) Other than that, stay safe everyone, try to savour the extra time you have with your kids and Sawasdee Krub! 🙏🏻

Image credits: My sister. 👩‍💻

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