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“George Custom Tailors, my pride and joy”

- George


An Artwork created & gifted to George from one of his private clients.

After dropping high school in 1986 and finding his passion for tailoring, George stepped into the clothing industry at the age of 15. His drive for success and goal to become the best tailor to his abilities led him to finding George Custom Tailors’ at the renowned Gaysorn Plaza (the location where many tourists visited all year round at the time)

Sacrificing late nights, sweat and tears, George made his first store his second home. Like a pearl, he spent hours in his shell, perfecting every nook and corner, ensuring his clients felt as cozy as he did.


Feature in Reader's Digest of May 2002

Tailor-Made Tips

On Nathan Road in Hong Kong or Sukhumvit in Bangkok, the well-dressed smiling men are everywhere. In their hands are cards offering "best quality" tailoring services "at lowest prices." But how do you find the good ones among the crowd?

"Avoid the people who are pushing you hard to come into their shop," says George Chawla, owner of George Custom Tailors in Bangkok. "The people working on the street take a commission for bringing you in, and that increases the price."

Once you are in the shop, there's no real way of knowing by sight if it's a good place or not. Your best bet is to ask local residents to recommend someone and skip the sidewalk touts.


Featured in ScandAsia Magazine of May 2015

A Tailor for Women

If you decide to go for "fine dining", you also have to choose the right outfit. I suggest you pay a visit to another master, Mr. George...

I have often got the question where we women can find good seamstresses and my answer is, at George Tailor. I have had several dresses, skirts, pants made there and almost no fittings have been necessary and the end result has always been excellent. He is a good adviser and he has many lovely fabrics on stock, only for you to point out and pay.

George believes fashion is personal.

You need to know the person to be able to style them. 

Because of this, his Clients then turn to friends and eventually become family.

"My long time friend and talented tailor from Bangkok"

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