How to Order Online...

Step 1

Decide on which of the 2020 Package Deal you are interested in purchasing.

Package Deal

Comfy sets of 3

to work from home.

Inclusive of DHL mailing

Package Deal

1 Custom made suit

2 Business shirts with

matching face mask

Inclusive of DHL mailing

Package Deal

1 Custom made Suit

3 Custom made Slacks

6 Custom made

Business Shirts

Inclusive of DHL mailing

Step 2

Send George a WhatsApp or email stating your preferred package deal + your budget (or the amount of money you are willing to spend). 


This step is important so we can send our measuring form to you and create a plan with the appropriate materials and style according to your budget and preference.

We need you to be happy and satisfied with your purchase,

and trust me you will :)

Step 3

If you want,

You can even request for a quick video chat, where we will schedule up a meeting time for George to personally present all the materials in stock and further clear up any confusions or questions you may have in mind.

After we've created a plan for you, and both you and I are ready to proceed: we will cut up the fabrics and send them directly to George's personal tailor - where high quality workmanship is guaranteed!  

Step 4

Your Custom made clothes are all set for delivery (over DHL).

The tracking number will be sent to you immediately.

Step 5

Your order has arrived at your doorstep, make sure to confirm with us. 

We will surely keep in touch if you would like to order more with different designs or styles or a higher range fabric. We will always be there online whenever you need us.